About Me

My blog is under construction. I’m still figuring out the workings of Word Press.

Hello you fantastic people.

My name is Mags, aka Quiet Chickie. I’m 27 and from a small province in Canada.

In order to have a good mental health, you need goals. I want to learn how to knit, begin blogging, and train my dog. For my future, I have decided to go back to school for the fourth time to study accounting. Eventually, I would love to work from home and maybe have a family.

I believe in helping the Earth and everything in it. I love supporting local business, cruelty-free companies and charity organizations. I am planing a compost in the spring (any tips would be appreciated) and building an “air furnace”. My husband calls me a hippe but he’s very supportive.

In this blog I want to talk about my every day experiences and ideas. If I find any interesting items at thrift stores, people I meet, recipes, life hacks, things of that sort, I’ll share it with you. I want to entertain but also keep a journal of my life.

I hope you stay with me while I stumble through life. I trip over lots of interesting stones along the way!

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